Welcome to the Accel-TdT Partnership Program

Empower your enzymatic DNA & RNA synthesis with the TdT Synthesis Panel and the Accel-TdT Partnership Program.

The TdT Synthesis Panel provides a powerful starting point, offering a versatile selection of six unique, proprietary Terminal Deoxynucleotidyl Transferase (TdT) enzymes.

The Accel-TdT Partnership Program takes it a step further. We leverage our extensive protein engineering expertise to become your complimentary team. Working hand-in-hand, we customize a TdT enzyme specifically for your platform requirements and accelerate your entry into DNA synthesis.

Why choose Blikka's Accel-TdT Partnership Program?


Library of TdT Sequences Ready for Evolution

Commercially available TdT’s are not optimized for non-native nucleotide analogs needed for controlled synthesis of DNA/RNA sequences. Blikka offers a diverse collection of TdT enzymes sourced from artificial chimeric origins. These sequences serve as a robust backbone that can be evolved and tailored to meet your specific needs. By leveraging our extensive library, we can evolve TdT enzymes to incorporate any feature you require, providing you with a customized solution for your DNA synthesis workflows.


Exclusive Protein Engineering Expertise

We offer a specialized  boutique  protein engineering service. Our team of inspired and passionate experts are dedicated to exploring how enzymes can transform the landscape of DNA synthesis. By partnering with us, you gain access to our extensive knowledge and innovative protein engineering platform, allowing you to focus on developing your core technology platform while we focus on customizing TdT for your workflow.


OEM Licensing and Custom Manufacturing

Full access to our proprietary library of TdTs with an exclusive OEM licensing agreement. Enzymes can be manufactured at Blikka with your custom labeling requirements or transferred for manufacturing at your own facility.  

By joining our Accel-TdT Partnership program, you gain a dedicated R&D team committed to understanding your unique needs and challenges. Working alongside you, we will devise tailored solutions that meet your requirements and propel your enzymatic DNA synthesis to new heights.

Join our Accel-TdT Partnership Program today and revolutionize your synthesis workflows.


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