We have a  responsibility

People refer to drug testing as “routine”.

To us, there is nothing routine about it. Behind every specimen there is a person - perhaps a colleague or a family member - and the well-being of that person and the people around them depends on us being right. That is a responsibility that demands accuracy and precision. That is why Kura is here. We're not in it for the enzymes. We are here to provide you with the best possible hydrolysis, so you can provide the most accurate answer. It's our shared responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Biotechnology

At KURA’s global headquarters, in the heart of Patagonia, we feel very fortunate to be part of a great team that is moved by passion for science and committed to a shared purpose of improving life for humanity. For this reason, KURA is committed to devoting part of its resources, time, and talents to benefit different causes in the community.
Every year, KURA donates 2% of its yearly gross income, to initiatives that support the preservation of the environment such as recycling, reforestation, or other ecological programs and also to support social causes such as community development, drug recovery programs, education, sports, cultural promotion, etc.
Our commitment aims to go beyond the donation itself, involving direct and ongoing participation from a member of our team in order to ensure project success and obtain the desired impact.
Our projects will not only take place in Chilean Patagonia but will also happen in Los Angeles, California, where some of our important team workers and colleagues are located.
If you would like us to consider a cause or project to embrace, please contact us at info@kurabiotech.com.
The requirements for consideration of a project are:
The results of the projects should be measurable.
Projects should be established and completed in a certain time frame, preferably within one year.
At least one member of KURA should be involved in the project.
Projects that support social or environmental causes will be given preference.

Manuel Rozas

CSO & Founder