Sales Terms  and Conditions

Use of products

The buyer must use the product for R&D use only, not for drug or household, being prohibited any other use. Therefore, the buyer undertakes to not create or intent to create any progeny, derivatives or improvements to the products or the organisms producing said products, as well as, not reverse-engineer or intent to reverse-engineer the products. Products will not be transferred out of the lab of Recipient without the prior written consent of Kura Biotec.



Buyers will handle products, enzymes, enzyme preparation, application (protocols) as confidential, forcing the buyer not to disclose information received from Kura Biotec.Any PUBLICATION or DISCLOSURE will require Kura Biotec`s previous review and written authorization. In all oral presentations or written publications concerning research involving the Products, Recipient will acknowledge Kura Biotec`s contribution in said disclosure and identify Provider as the source of the Products.



All products, processes, methods, information and derivatives, improvements, progeny or organisms producing said products developed are owned by Kura Biotec and will hold all intellectual property rights. The buyer is obliged to respect the intellectual property rights of Kura Biotec. Buyer hereby makes any assignments necessary to accomplish this ownership provision.


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