Quality Policy 


KURA Biotech, is a company dedicated to providing biotechnological solutions oriented towards analysis through the production of enzymes. In order to face new market challenges, the Board and all its staff are committed to:

✓ Fulfill high-quality standards by continuously improving our Quality Management System.

✓ Deliver products that meet the conditions and quality standards established by KURA Biotech according to our customers’ needs.

✓ Provide a timely, flexible and effective response to our customers, offering excellent after-sales service.

✓Encourage integral human development among all team members, boosting a balance between their professional, personal, and community growth.

✓ Seek to be at the forefront of the enzyme market for analysis, using all the scientific tools available for the continuous search for solutions for the current and future needs of our customers.


These commitments are the basis for generating recognition and differentiation, both from within the company, as well as, from our suppliers, customers, and stakeholders.

This motivates us to continue building a place to work, that attracts and retains the best talents and generates an ecosystem of biotechnological development.

Eduardo Wallach,


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